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Development concept (corporate spirit)
Innovation, Pragmatism, Transcending Self, Pursuing Excellence
BMR regards innovation as the foundation of enterprise development. It not only requires technological innovation, but also innovation in products, markets, management, systems and concepts. Innovation is also the driving force for Wang'an's development, and the foundation of innovation is to achieve it down-to-earth. In order to constantly meet and exceed the needs of users in terms of technology, products and services, the company and its employees should constantly challenge themselves and never be complacent. Jinye takes perfection as its goal, which is also the standard for Wang'an to bid farewell to the past and move towards the future. The pursuit of excellence will make Jinye forge ahead forever.
Technical concept
Changing day by day, one step ahead
BMR regards technological innovation as the source of its enterprise's growing prosperity and the power to surpass itself. The company will continue to launch innovative products with independent copyright to meet the needs of the market and users, and strive to lead its products not only in China, but also in the world.
Service idea 
Customer needs Customer satisfaction
BMR fully considers the various needs of customers, extends its services to pre-sales, and takes "customer satisfaction" as its commitment to users. While trying its best to meet the various needs of users, BMR also provides users with personalized services and public training networks, turning users' ideals and pursuits into reality.
Talent concept
The best and most suitable person
BMR has always taken pragmatism as its starting point in talent selection. The personnel selected by the company are not only the best talents, but also the most suitable talents for the company. While these talents promote the development of the company to the maximum extent, the company also provides them with the most suitable development environment, so that they can make the best use of their talents.
Cooperation concept
Team First and Mutual Priority
BMR regards team spirit as the core of employee cooperation. However, in the process of implementing the company's development strategy and goals, each employee, regardless of his or her position, can express his or her own opinions directly. In the implementation of specific matters, all employees are your partners, so that the company's development is healthier and the goals are clearer.
Management philosophy
The edification of culture and the restraint of the system
BMR regards corporate culture as the highest level of management. Through the edification of corporate culture, it seeks employees to reach a consensus on values, corporate philosophy and other aspects, and cultivates employees' spirit of dedication to their jobs. At the same time, it realizes target management through the institutionalization of the company to ensure that the company's plans are completed on schedule.
Human concept
Honesty, diligence and thrift
BMR needs people with both ability and integrity, which requires employees to be honest with the company and not lie. In addition, only by working hard can employees produce fruitful results for the company and individuals. Every piece of wealth of the thrifty company will cast more weight for us to win tomorrow.



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