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Processing technology of container seals
The lock body and core is made of metal, wrapped by ABS. the lock body is clamp structure and the surface adopts hot stamping and laser printing of serial number and barcode. Color and height can be made according to customers requirements. And the strength can reach 250KG.
There is large quantity of containers at wharf. And each container has container seal. There are a set of procedures when operating container seals, which is unchangeable. Currently, there is regulated procedure.

Operation procedure of container seals
Under normal situation, seal the container after loading goods. This container number is unique. Customs clearance needs this number, if meeting the cabinet inspection, customs will change another container number after inspection. Because container number is one time use, freight forwarder will inform you a new container number at that time.
Seal is locked after customs inspection. At inspection, the reporter and goods owner should be at site together. When customs inspect, goods owner needs to cooperate. When checking goods, customs will inform goods owner to be at site and cargo handling company should also be at site for notarization.
When customs check the X machine, and think goods have problems, then they will handle inspection procedures. If there is no problem, a new seal needs to be locked, still with procedure. They must follow the operation procedures. Currently, the procedure has strict management regulations.


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