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Notices of water and electricity meter seals at use

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Water and electricity meter seals increase aluminum shell on lead seal surface. This shell not only increases appearance but also can hot stamp much metering information. Old type lead seals can not reach such information and appearance. But it needs to be more careful at sealing. Aluminum shell is very crispy. After sealing, use plier to press tightly, and flattened aluminum shell can still clearly see information, and at the same time, seal is also pressed not able to pull out, then finishes sealing.

Aluminum shell can be made in various colors, i.e. red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, etc. the metering information of hot stamping can also change to laser printing. Lead and aluminum have good anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature and anti-low temperature performance, which not only increases endurance, but also reduces frequent times of changing seals.

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