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BMR-BS004 Bolt Seal

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High Security Steel Bolt Seal Container Seal

1) Patented product of Xinfan
2) 8mm iron-pole diameter, galvanized mid-carbon steel, outcovered with ABS
3) with large printing area and great visual effect
4) Anti-spin function design, which can ensure that it will not be be ejected by the high-rotating-speed after locking
5) ISO PAS 17712 "High security bolt seal" certification, which meets C-TPAT requirement.
6) Removable by bolt cutters, eyes protection is necessary.

ISO Cargo container, trailers, truck doors, customs used temper evidence boxes, etc.

Colors available:
yellow, white, red, blue, orange, green

Standard packaging: 10pcs per plastic box, 25 boxes /CTN

Carton size: 51cm x 32cm x 12.5cm
Gross weight: 16.62 kg

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Email: 94368380

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